Debra Rhodes Smith


Member, Appraisers Association of America,

USPAP compliant

Tales of Art Beyond the Frame

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Tales of Art Beyond the Frame, is a book that out of the blue, I felt compelled to write. I weave a journey through my life and an exhilarating 44 year career. This is a memoir of anecdotes relating to things that happen along the way to a savvy gal wearing all the hats and running a successful business from the ground up. Many experiences are shared while amassing the art collections for some of the largest corporations and luxury hotels worldwide.

Tales include how a Monet at auction shocked the audience at Sotheby's; what seemed like a simple case for an appraisal turned into a case involving the FBI, IRS and Insurance Commissioner; how a presentation in Miami evolved into a day of living challenges and how Mr. Right was discovered while compiling a major corporate collection.

All tales are an honest account that are witty, intelligent, sophisticated, sometimes poignant and a fresh informative perspective of the often thought mysterious world of the art business. A must read that will reach out to anyone who has the ambition to get anything done at any level.

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