Debra Rhodes Smith


Member, Appraisers Association of America,

USPAP compliant

Fine Art Services

For over three decades, I have been consulting with clients regarding art collections and related services. I try to seek out, in the realm of possiblities, the most aesthetic solution resulting in the client feeling a sense of joy in their new acquisition. Finding what is sublimely perfect, creates a feeling that resonates to the core. 

Regardless of whom the client is, personal or luxury hotel, accessories are a communication device. Whether it be selecting original works of art of any media or commissioning artwork for public spaces, proprietary publishing for exclusive imagery or utilizing existing prints or posters for guest rooms, each project is unique unto itself and deserves proper attention. In order to enhance the art and bridge the design elements, all phases of custom framing will be handled to complete the project. I have assembled a trusted and proven team of colleagues that I rely on for their quality and competitive price points for services such as framing, proprietary printing, art of every conceivable media and logistics for delivery and installation.

It is my dedication to my clients' interests that serves me best. This is important because collections grow and new relationships develop, thus creating over a third of a century of on going client relationships. 

Clients repeatedly communicate their immense satisfaction with the imagery, quality and my ability to continually bring projects in on time and within budget for both public spaces, guest rooms and personal collections. Many referrals are through the architects, interior designers and private collectors with whom I have developed a professional relationship over the years. The list is far too long to mention here. It is available upon request.